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Make Keppel Special  

In 1991, the dedicated parents of Mark Keppel Elementary School formed a foundation called, Make Keppel Special (MKS). Each year, MKS sets out to raise funds to support many of the visual and performing art programs at Keppel.  The MKS Foundation has raised money for the MAC Computer Lab, playground equipment, Keppel Drill Team, and intervention teachers.  If you would like to be involved in MKS, please contact MKS President, Eileen Dube. Leener129@aol.com 

MKS President                              Eileen Dube 
MKS Vice President                      Pam Drake 
Head of 5th Grade Committee      Pam Wyroski 

Mark Your Calendars - MKS MEETINGS
Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month.